Water Removal, Damage & Dehumidification

When your property experiences water damage due to burst pipes, floods, leaks or storm damage, prompt treatment can be the difference between isolating your properties damage or enhancing it further. We've experienced all kinds of water damage and know that quick intervention saves money long term.

We can minimize damage to side walls, roofing, floors and ceilings. We handle projects from multi-family and high-rise condos to casinos and government buildings.

Dehumidification can save untold money in restoration and replacement costs, as well as the costs of downtime and delayed production schedules. Southwest Building Concepts, Inc. offers both dehumidifiers that are unsurpassed in quality, and highly capable technicians, enabling us to handle any water damage situation and create effective drying conditions.

Our powerful dehumidifiers can remove water and moisture from drywall, plaster, interior paints, cement floors, carpets, insulation and basements with exceptional drying time. Moisture levels return to normal quickly as moist air is pumped out and warm, dry air circulates within the building.